You can download here documentation published by the CNRS Tokyo Office.


The CNRS Tokyo Office publishes every year an English-language brochure about the scientific cooperation between CNRS and Japan.

Cover of the CNRS in Japan booklet (2021 edition)


In this document, you will find:

  • an overall introduction of CNRS and its international cooperation tools
  • a presentation of CNRS Office for North-East Asia
  • an overview of CNRS institutional partners in Japan, as well as key figures on CNRS cooperation with Japan
  • an outline of International Research Networks (IRN) and International Research Projects (IRP) between CNRS and Japan
  • a thorough presentation of International Research Laboratories (IRL) between CNRS in Japan
  • an overview of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)’s programs supported by CNRS
  • an outline of CNRS strategic partnership with the University of Tokyo
  • a map of CNRS structured cooperations in Japan, “CNRS in Japan at a glance”


The CNRS Tokyo Office regularly publishes a French-language news bulletin on the CNRS activities and scientific news in North-East Asia (Japan, Taiwan, South Korea).

Première page du bulletin n°9 du bureau CNRS de Tokyo

BULLETIN No. 12 (JULY 2022)

In this issue, you will find:

  • An update on the Covid-19 epidemic in North-East Asia
  • A special segment on CNRS structured cooperation in Japan in the field of engineering and systems sciences, including articles about LIMMS, JRL and ELyTMaX, the three International Research Laboratories in this field; and an interview of Eric Cloutet, French PI of the Next-PV International Research Project between France and Japan that aims to develop next generation solar cells
  • Articles about CNRS structured cooperation in North-East-Asia: a report about the 10th Japanese-French Frontiers of Science symposium, updates about the launch of the new J-FAST International Research Laboratory on physics of semiconductors… and much more!